Students Succeed in Reading Challenge

    Over winter break, all Rio Vista students were challenged to read using myon. They were successful. One of our top winners, Charlotte, read for 880 minutes: that is almost 15 hours!
    Other students from Rio Vista also did an excellent job! Miah M read over 700 minutes.  Jacqueline M, Victoria T, Isabella R, Matthew N, and Jayden F all read over 600 hundred minutes during their winter break! 
     Karen L was a bookworm for over 500 minutes.  The following students read for over 400 minutes, almost 6 hours: Camille A, Sarah L, Emily P, Mason E, and Nathaniel E!  We can't help but shout out these students who committed to school by reading for 300 minutes or more: Sophia G, Jasmine R, and James E. 
     Finally, with over 200 minutes, Sean V, Hannah L, Lucien P, Abraham L, Jade M, Madison G, Sasha R, and Johnathan W.  Congratulations to all of our Panthers who read over winter break.