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School Profile

Rio Vista is a neighborhood school that has educated multiple generations of families. The staff is committed to providing all students with the opportunity of a quality education. Working together as a team, the Rio Vista faculty and staff are dedicated to the students and their future success by providing learning experiences which increase valuable knowledge and skills required for both continued education, and life in a global society. By building strong character and personal responsibility, Rio Vista students develop critical thinking skills and a passion for life-long learning. Rio Vista has continued a pattern of consistent academic growth centered on strong, focused instructional practices. Grade level teams help create a culture of group accountability to each other fostering a commitment of shared responsibility for student success. Teachers regularly collaborate for lesson development, curriculum alignment, and data analysis. Using the Response to Instruction model, differentiated instruction and interventions are consistently provided to all of our students and monitored. This has become a corner-stone for our student discussions and collaborative support offerings amongst staff, parents, and students. Additional efforts at the school and district level have developed partnerships with neighborhood businesses and agencies, further helping to expand our school community by connecting parents with neighborhood services and resources. With the school as an outreach center for parents, everyone can work to together for the benefit of our students. In addition, we always strive to include more parents and families through school sponsored events and clubs in partnership with our Parent Teacher Organization. As a school community working together, Rio Vista aims to prepare every student for the challenges of the twenty-first century.